Ytre Vikna

Ytre Vikna wind park is located in the Municipality of Vikna, and has been in operation since October 2012. The total installed output is 39 MW, and the annual production is approx. 120 GWh. The second stage of development is underway here, which would add another 130 MW of installed output and increase annual production by 450 GWh.

Ytre Vikna has proven to be a wind park with extremely favourable wind conditions. The total production from the first stage of development has provided power to approx. 7,500 homes, and the about 40 new windmills scheduled for installation in the second stage of development are expected to provide a further 25,000 homes with clean energy.

The windmills in stage one are of the type Enercon E-70, which has a 64 and 74 meters hub height, and yield 2,3 MW output. The mills in the second stage are about 90 meters at hub height and produce 3 MW. Throughout this project, Sarepta Energi has been welcomed by both land owners and local authorities; it is most likely the only wind park in Norway whose establishment was unanimously approved by the municipal council.


The local community has shown great interest in Ytre Vikna wind park, and Sarepta Energi has made the project area open to the public. Last year, approx. 10,000 people visited the site, which has its own visitor’s centre, bikes for visitors to borrow, fire pit, hiking trail and information signs. We gave the schools at Austafjord and Rørvik the chance to each name a turbine, so when the kids turn on the lights at home, they can talk about whether Vindtor or Susi is providing them with the power.

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