Sørmarkfjellet wind park is located in the municipalities of Osen and Flatanger. The project was awarded final plan change permit from the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum in september 2016. The expected installed capacity is 130 MW. The central gridline in Hofstad is under construction and the wind farm will have grid connection thorugh a 33 km 132kV production line.

Wind conditions has been measured since 2004 with MET masts at 5 different locations, with promising results.

Originally, Sarepta Energi applied for a wind park including both Oksbåsheia and Sørmarkfjellet. After the hearing round Sarepta was required to conduct further analyses, exploring an alternative development plan including just Sørmarkfjellet and with adjusted grid access.

During the application period, ancient reindeer hunting grounds, dating some 3000 – 4000 years back, was discovered. The discoveries have been respected when designing the wind park, and will be made available and displayed to the general public when the park opens.

raklefeste_sørmarkfjellet “Raklefeste”, one of about 100 discovered objects.


“Reinsdyr” (“Reindeer”) shows how the hunting ground might have looked. Artwork by Øyunn Wathne Sæther.

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