Frøya wind farm

Frøya wind power is as its name implies on the island of Frøya 2 hours south of Trondheim. Planning area covers 6.6 km2. Licenses were given in 2012. Concession Granted performance is 60 MW installed capacity. Expected annual production is 203 GWh.
Freya wind farm license was originally applied in 2004 with 200 MW installed capacity, but after a lengthy and extensive licensing process has been reduced to 60 MW installed capacity and expected annual production 203 GWh. The concession was granted in 2012, this was appealed and finally permission was given by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in August 2013.

Sarepta started with wind measurements already in 2002, these masts were dismantled in 2003. Since 2013, there has been continuous wind measurements in the planning area, and analyzes show very good prospects for wind power production.

The project requires upgrading of the regional network of Freya via Hitra and Snillfjord. Moreover presupposes project construction of new 420 kV main grid line between Åfjord (Storheia) and Surna (Trollheim). Both these projects are approved for implementation and will be completed in Q4 2019.