At Sarepta Energi, we firmly believe that in the future, profitability will lie in environmentally friendly and climate-neutral choices. From this perspective, we are most fortunate in Sarepta: Our projects are our assets; our value comes from processing wind—a clean and infinite energy source.

The future demands sustainable solutions. But an unprofitable company is not sustainable. That is why we do not break ground on a project until we know for certain that our projects benefit all those who join us.

If we are to reach our goals and transform our licences into real and profitable projects, we have to join forces with others who pull in the same direction. For that reason, we believe in financial transparency at Sarepta. We are a relatively new organization, but we already:

  • have secured licences for three wind parks
  • have excellent wind conditions on site
  • have an experienced Operator TrønderEnergi Kraft AS

In the near future, Sarepta Energi will:

  • invite investors and banks to take part in financing the development of our wind parks
  • finance our development projects as separate legal entities (SPV companies)
  • consider other financing partners and financing structures