Framework conditions

Norway’s wind resources have the potential to provide clean energy to a majority of Europe.

Few other places in the world are nature’s own energy sources as abundant as in our country. The wind that blows along the Norwegian coast alone is enough to meet almost all of Europe’s energy needs—for all eternity. Central Norway is a key contributor in this respect, and Sarepta’s projects show particularly favourable wind conditions—comparable to many offshore wind energy projects, in fact. It is a paradox, then, that our region also has an energy deficit.

Sarepta’s raison d’être lies in releasing the full potential of the wind. We will provide clean energy to the region, thus contributing to the national objectives for expanding renewable energy sources.

In order to prevent further global warming, the world has to change its patterns of energy consumption. We have to reduce our emissions from fossil fuels and utilize renewable energy sources to a much larger extent. Norway’s electricity certificate agreement with Sweden facilitates for the profitable development of 26.4 TWh of renewable energy by 2020, and wind energy will be a major contributor to reaching this goal in Norway.