At Sarepta Energi, we plan to use our strong drive to blow fossilized energy out of the water. We will provide clean energy, without massive intervention and damage to the environment.

The disadvantages associated with the development of wind parks include changes to the landscape and scenery, limitations on the opportunities to engage in traditional outdoor activities, and disruptions and changes in conditions for plants, animals and birds.

However, with good planning and the developer’s dedication, it is possible to protect the majority of the environmental values represented in the project and catchment area. In addition, development also brings new opportunities, including opportunities to engage in outdoor activities, because the areas of development become more accessible to the public.

Sarepta Energi will always conduct comprehensive environmental studies in connection with all of its wind energy projects. We engage the country’s top environmental review consultants to document the site’s current status and assess potential consequences of a development project, so that we can implement corrective measures if necessary. These activities are carried out in compliance with NVE’s framework for the licensing process, and in close collaboration with NVE’s environmental supervisory board  to ensure that prioritized measures comply with national guidelines.

All environmental reports and impact analyses can be found on NVE’s website:  http://www.nve.no/en/Licensing/