About Sarepta Energi

Sarepta Energi’s objective is to release the full potential
of the wind. By identifying, developing and operating wind energy plants, we intend to prove to everyone that
wind energy is here to stay.

Block by block, Sarepta Energi intends to build an industrial success story in Central Norway, becoming an industry icon for the rest of Europe. This being a Central Norway initiative, our primary objective is to cover the energy deficit in the region. But we also strive to be a key player in developing the wind energy industry, making it a real and profitable alternative to fossilized energy. As part of our activities, we work to generate and disseminate knowledge of wind energy. In short: we want to drive the development of clean wind energy and prove that wind can be profitable.


We are already a key player in the Norwegian wind energy industry, and we represent some of the largest and most competent wind energy communities in Norway. Sarepta Energi is a joint venture betwen NTE and TrønderEnergi. We are headquartered in Trondheim.

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